Siddur Torah Ohr, Chabad

The Smart Siddur by

  1. Kidush Levana.
  2. Now includes a new way of displaying Me’ein Shalosh.
  3. Knows which Tefilah you'll need at any given time by tapping "Daven" using 3d Touch from the home screen or from the widget in the "today" view.
  4. The daily Tehilim is after Al Tira in Shacharis.
  5. Displays the relevant Kriah for every Holiday - Rosh Chodesh, Chol Hamoed, Fastday etc.
  6. Only will display whats needed (i.e. Morid Hatal, Tefilin for men etc.)
  7. Inserts special paragraphs (i.e. Yaaleh Veyavo, Hallel, etc.) at the correct place, and inserts special Tefilos for different times of year (i.e. Aseres Yemei Teshuva, Chol Hamoed, etc)